Captain Richard Bussius

Trade cards from the “Sea Captains‘” series (N127), issued in an unnumbered set of 25 cards in 1887 by W. Duke Sons & Co. to promote Honest Long Cut Tobacco. Each card lists the name of the captain, the shipping company, and the vessel name.
Bussius was one of the Transatlantic Captains featured in the August 1886 issue of Harper’s Magazine.

Captain Richard Bussius was a seasoned mariner, with 100 transatlantic crossings, while at the helm of several steamers from North German Lloyd. In 1886, he was recognized for this achievement, and bestowed with knighthood of the Prussian Crown Order of the Fourth Class by the German Emperor.

In 1884, forty-two year old Bussius was in charge of the SS Neckar. On January 30, the Neckar loaded passengers in Bremen, Germany and then Southhampton, England on February 1. With 499 souls on board, Neckar departed England and set sail for New York. Of the tens of thousands immigrants Bussius was charged with throughout his career, the four teens who boarded in Bremen for this sail, would have an impact on US business and culture like no others.